Q Is your beef Irish?

A Yes, guaranteed Irish. No "ifs, ands or buts". 100% Irish Beef and nothing else.

Q Where does your beef come from?

A It comes from farms all over Ireland. The full list of the names and addresses of the farmers are on our traceability page.

Q How can I trace the source of my piece of beef?

A You will need the batch code allocated by us to the product before delivery to the Retailer (this is normally displayed on or behind the butchers counter). Enter the code into the ‘Traceability’ box on the home page or the traceability page, press the find source button and you will be presented with all the relevant details.

Q What if I can’t see the batch code in the shop?

A Give us a call and we can research the codes delivered recently to that shop for you. It will take only seconds.

Q If I wanted to try some of your beef, where can I get it?

A Give us a call and we can direct you to the appropriate retailers/butchers in your area.

Q Do you sell direct to the general public?

A In a word "YES" but the quantities have to be larger than a normal basket shop, typically €200 or more. The savings are substantial, approx €70 - €80 on €200.

If you have any questions that we have not anticipated, e-mail us at info@sandyfordmeats.ie, or telephone us on 01 2957266 and we’ll handle your queries ASAP without any fuss.